Windham in the News


Lucas Turton speaks with’s Cinthia Murphy in “Lower Oil Could Mean Higher Rates Sooner.”


Windham Capital Management’s CIO, Lucas Turton discusses movements in the emerging markets in the Wall Street Journal’s “Emerging Markets See Equity Markets, Currencies Decline.”


FundFire’s Danielle Verbrigghe takes a deeper look at how advisor platforms are increasing due diligence and categorically assessing and adjusting risk to prepare advisors to position products within their clients’ portfolios appropriately.


Mark Kritzman’s “Liquidity and Portfolio Choice” Recognized in The Journal of Portfolio Management’s 40th Anniversary Issue coming September 30, 2014. For more information, visit today!


Windham Capital’s CIO, Lucas Turton discusses his outlook on the emerging markets as a result of rising interest rates in Nicole Hong and Matt Day of the Wall Street Journal’s “Fed Dims Emerging Markets’ Allure”


Windham Capital’s CIO Lucas Turton quoted in Dan Strumpf of the Wall Street Journal’s article “U.S. Stocks Close Mostly Lower”


Windham CIO, Lucas Turton, speaks with FundFire’s Mariana Lemann to discuss the use of exchange traded funds in strategy portfolios. Unlike many asset managers implementing their strategies using ETFs, Windham began working with institutional clients before breaking into the retail market