Risk Regime Investing: Turn risk from cost to opportunity

Risk is an inevitable part of investing. Suffering the damage is not.

If you know the investment risks you face, you can diversify proactively against them and position for the best outcome. Putting risk first and using it as a framework for investing improves the potential to:

  • Diversify broadly and add distinct sources of return
  • Enhance equity allocations
  • Improve a portfolio’s risk adjusted return
  • Manage total portfolio risk dynamically as it changes through time

It’s time for a different perspective on risk.

Windham Risk Regime InvestingTM is our innovative approach, featuring proprietary risk measures that help us understand the prevailing risk environment, recognize when it changes and use those insights to make asset allocation decisions.

  • Our proprietary measures tell us how asset class prices are behaving and how fragile or resilient the markets may be at any given time
  • We use these measures to identify distinct risk environments (regimes) and dynamically adjust portfolio allocations based on the prevailing conditions
  • Risk Regime Investing offers the potential to dampen downside risk in declining markets and capture opportunities when markets are resilient

insight1To receive the Windham Risk Regime InvestingTM paper, contact Robert Bernstein at 1.617.419.3939 or email rbernstein@windhamcapital.com.