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Q1 2016 Market Recap and Outlook – Multi-Asset

Market Recap: The beginning of 2016 was plagued by concerns that the bull market was coming to an end and that the U.S. might be heading toward a recession. Connected with this were concerns surrounding: the U.S. labor market, economic growth in China, continuing volatility in oil prices, and a rising U.S. dollar. As a [...]


Windham CIO, Lucas Turton to speak on S&P Dow Jones complimentary webinar, “Redefining a Diversified Real Assets Strategy” on Wednesday, April 13th.

“Investments in real assets have more than tripled in the past 5 years. In volatile markets, real assets offer a unique and efficient approach to portfolio diversification and risk management.” Join S&P DJI for their complimentary webinar to learn about the benefits of a true real assets strategy. To register, click HERE.


Mark Kritzman receives honorable mention for his proposal submitted to the MIT Center for Finance and Policy’s contest to better define systemically important financial institutions.

The MIT Center for Finance and Policy hosted its first crowd-sourced contest launched to generate new proposals to specify sets of criteria that regulators should apply to designate a financial institution. “The financial crisis of 2008 brought vastly increased attention by regulators to risk spillovers in the financial sector that could cause systemic problems. As [...]


Windham Capital’s CEO Mark Kritzman Wins the Bernstein Fabozzi/Jacobs Levy Outstanding Article Award for 2016.

The Journal of Portfolio Management announced the winners of the 17thAnnual Bernstein Fabozzi/Jacobs Levy Awards for articles contributing to the theory and practice of portfolio management. Mark Kritzman’s co-authored article, The Divergence of High- and –Low-Frequency Estimation: Implications for Performance Measurement was selected as one of three Outstanding Articles by the Journal of Portfolio Management. The article [...]


Q4 2015 Market Recap and Outlook

Market Recap: The fourth quarter was marked by the first Fed rate hike since 2008, continued strength of the US Dollar, investor concerns over slowing growth in China, and a gradual decline in volatility across most major asset classes. For the quarter ended 31 December 2015, Domestic and Global Equities delivered positive returns as measured [...]


Tom Lydon, Editor of ETF Trends caught up with Lucas Turton, Chief Investment Officer of Windham Capital Management, and Robert Bernstein, Managing Director and Head of Business Development, at the Morningstar ETF Conference that took place in Chicago this past September. In the video, Lucas and Rob discuss the firm’s Multi-Asset Income strategy, which invests beyond the boundaries of a traditional income strategy and has the ability to adjust the exposure of the portfolio pursuing higher yields while managing for capital preservation when markets are unstable and capital appreciation when markets are calm.

Windham “looks at both traditional and non-traditional income sources – areas, where you will be able to achieve the highest constant yield, but also looking at inflation protection. So it’s the combination of how much risk you are willing to take to achieve the yield that you need,” says Rob. Lucas takes a deeper look into [...]


Amanda White of Top1000Funds.com discusses the white paper, “The Components of Private Equity Performance: Implications for Portfolio Choice” coauthored by Will Kinlaw, Head of State Street Associates, Mark Kritzman, Chief Executive Officer of Windham Capital Management, and Jason Mao, Vice President of State Street Associates in the recently published article, “‘Asset Class Alpha’, And Sector ETFS’”.

“A large percentage of the outperformance of private equity can be replicated by using sector exchange traded funds, according to new research.” “In a paper, ‘The components of private equity performance: implications for portfolio choice’ published in The Journal of Alternative Investments, the authors show that the sector weights of private equity funds predict the subsequent [...]


Robert Huebscher, CEO of Advisor Perspectives, recounts Mark Kritzman’s presentation on “Facts about Factors” at the Windham Research Summit Monday November 9th, 2015 which discusses the misconception of factor based investing and the superiority of allocating to assets.

“Kritzman gave four reasons why he dislikes investing in factors. Proponents of factor-based investing, Kritzman said, often make the claim that factors are less correlated than assets and therefore, offer greater diversification benefits. That claim, he said, is false.  ‘The idea that factors provide more opportunity for diversification than assets is nonsense,’ Kritzman said. Many of [...]


Q3 2015 Market Recap and Outlook

Market Recap: The third quarter ushered in an abrupt change in the global market environment, with most major asset classes recording significant declines in August after a shaky July.  Contributing heavily to the August drawdown and subsequent rise in volatility were China's move to devalue the yuan and a growing uncertainty over the Federal Reserve [...]


Windham CIO Lucas Turton, selected as one of the experts to discuss the “Can Tactical Asset Allocation Work?” panel on Wednesday September 30th at the Morningstar ETF Conference.

“Turton summarizes tactical allocation as ‘an active investment decision that is built on the belief that there are macro inefficiencies in the market. In essence, these are ‘go-anywhere’ strategies that ‘go’ where management feels it can minimize risk, enhance return, or both” says Turton. Read full article here.