Windham Diversified Portfolios

The Windham Diversified Portfolios pursue higher risk-adjusted returns by providing strategic global diversification, while maintaining the most prudent level of risk under current market conditions. There are five diversified portfolios, offering a range of risk preferences:

  • Windham Conservative Portfolio
  • Windham Conservative Plus Portfolio
  • Windham Moderate Portfolio
  • Windham Moderate Plus Portfolio
  • Windham Aggressive Portfolio

The five diversified portfolios offer:

Proactive risk management using proprietary risk measures, designed to defend against downside risk and potential losses while capturing upside opportunities through changing market conditions

Strategic asset allocation that provides broad global diversification across major asset classes including global stocks and bonds, real estate, and commodities

Efficient implementation through investments in global, liquid exchange traded securities.

Active tax management available based on the investor’s tax profile, which seeks to maximize after-tax returns.

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