Windham Risk Regime Strategies

The Windham Risk Regime Strategies are globally diversified, multi-asset class solutions.  The strategies use proprietary risk measures to dynamically adjust in order to protect client assets in times of market stress, and grow client assets when markets are calm. Windham dynamically adjusts the portfolio’s allocation based on the prevailing market risk environment to deliver the best risk/reward trade-off.  The strategies are offered in three different risk levels:

  • Windham Risk Regime I  –    Moderately Conservative
  • Windham Risk Regime II –   Moderate
  • Windham Risk Regime III – Moderately Aggressive

This strategy offers:

Broad diversification to exploit return opportunities across global asset classes including equities, fixed income, real estate and commodities.

An innovative approach that uses proprietary measures to proactively manage risk through changing market conditions.  By monitoring these measures daily, we often see early warning signals to fragile markets as well as investment risk that others may be missing.

Dynamic asset allocation to reduce the portfolio’s risk in highly fragile and turbulent periods and increase risk to pursue growth opportunities when markets are calm and resilient.

Efficient implementation through investments in global, liquid exchange traded securities.

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