BOSTON, MA, November 10, 2010— As a center of leading academic wisdom and a hotbed for new technology, Boston has long been considered one of the most innovative cities in the US – including in the wealth management arena.  That role, according to Boston-based Windham Capital Management, LLC, is continuing today with the development of a new market focused on the use of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to build smarter portfolios that provide family offices, financial advisors and high net worth investors with access to global financial markets in a highly liquid, tax-efficient manner.

“Two powerful trends are combining to make sophisticated ETF-based investment strategies more attractive to affluent investors as well as small institutions,” said Stan Shelton, Windham Managing Partner.  “The first is the globalization of markets, offering targeted access to international and emerging economies across a broad range of investments and market niches including commodities, real estate and currency.  The second is the need to control the effects of market volatility, such as those that threatened both the net worth and the confidence of investors in 2008.”

Mr. Shelton noted that the approach was endorsed by Charles Schwab’s acquisition of Windward Investment Management, another Boston firm providing ETF-based investment strategies for the high net worth market.

“As market acceptance of this new strategy for affluent investors and small institutions grows, we anticipate that Boston will continue to play a key role in this market,” he added.  “Windham has a unique position in this space due to our use of proprietary risk measures that, prior to the significant market volatility of 2008, were only used to manage assets for our large institutional clients.  Our process also has a heavy emphasis on managing taxes so that more wealth is preserved to fulfill investment goals.”

Windham recently announced the launch of the Windham Tactical Portfolio*, which incorporates an active asset allocation strategy that uses proprietary risk measures to control exposures throughout market cycles.  Through daily monitoring of the Windham Investment Risk Cycle™, portfolio managers adjust the investment mix of the portfolio to grow principal in times of low risk and to preserve principal in times of high risk.

The Windham Tactical Portfolio can be combined with any of the Windham Core Portfolios to meet an investor’s specific investment goals and tax sensitivities.  The Core Portfolios are designed for a range of risk preferences, including conservative, conservative plus, moderate, moderate plus and aggressive.  The Windham Tactical Portfolio and the Windham Core Portfolios offer global diversification across a broad range of asset classes, including stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate, through a portfolio of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that provide access to global financial markets in a low-cost, tax-efficient manner so that more wealth is preserved to fulfill investment goals.

About Windham Capital Management 
Founded in 1988 and located in Boston, Massachusetts, Windham Capital Management, LLC is an independent investment management firm that offers sophisticated investment management, financial software, and custom advisory solutions to investors worldwide.  Windham and its founder, Mark Kritzman, are widely known for their pioneering research and its impact on the way sophisticated investors manage assets.  Windham manages over $35 billion in currency overlay and absolute return strategies for institutional investors and provides investment advice and technology solutions to global customers overseeing trillions of dollars of assets.  For more information, visit

*As of June 1, 2011, the name of the Windham Tactical Portfolio has been changed to The Windham Portfolio. The underlying strategy has not changed.