BOSTON, Nov. 9, 2011– Boston-based investment manager, Windham Capital has partnered with independent Swiss asset management firm PARSUMO Capital AG to offer sub-advisory investment management services. The relationship will allow PARSUMO to address European investor needs for more effective risk management and global tactical asset allocation strategies. Through Windham’s capabilities, PARSUMO clients will benefit from proprietary risk measures and additional research-driven active management approaches using ETFs to access global financial markets in a highly liquid and efficient manner.

“Windham’s leading edge approach complements PARSUMO’s quantitative asset management knowledge, augmenting our own skills, strengths and capabilities,” said Marcel Zutter, managing partner, PARSUMO Capital. “As ETFs continue to gain traction in Europe, Windham’s expertise in this space, combined with its credibility in managing through turbulent market conditions, make it a strong resource for our clients.”

Through this relationship, PARSUMO and Windham can offer their clients The Windham Portfolio and the Windham Diversified Portfolios denominated in U.S. dollars, euros or Swiss francs. These strategies use the proprietary Windham Investment Risk Cycle™, which gauges opportunities in all market environments by measuring changes in market turbulence and systemic risk through the interactions among asset classes. Windham’s approach addresses the fact that risk has hidden linkages across the broader economy making the global markets potentially more fragile.

“Windham and PARSUMO are well aligned in terms of managing risk opportunistically through calm and turbulent markets, and using ETFs for greater efficiency and flexibility,” said Stan Shelton, managing partner, Windham Capital. “We look forward to working with PARSUMO to meet European investor demands and expand the usage of ETFs in this marketplace.”

About PARSUMO Capital AG

Zurich-based PARSUMO Capital was founded in 2011 as an independent asset manager providing quantitative asset management solutions to private investors and select institutions in Switzerland.  Recognized for their pioneering work in quantitative asset management, PARSUMO partners have been at the forefront of innovative product development, including managed ETFs. Over the past two decades, they established a presence in the European marketplace through a focus on active risk management and the use of ETFs and index funds to provide investment flexibility and lower cost solutions to their clients.

About Windham Capital Management

Boston-based Windham Capital Management was founded in 1988 as an SEC-registered investment advisor. Windham is widely known for its pioneering research and its impact on the way institutional investors manage assets. Windham provides investment management for private clients, investment advisors, foundations, endowments and other select institutional investors. Armed with innovative research and proprietary risk management, Windham creates and manages portfolios and single-strategies to increase the probability of investment success in both calm and turbulent markets.