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Andrew B. Weisman


ANDREW B. WEISMAN is Chief Investment Strategist of Windham Capital Management, LLC. Andy joined the firm in 2016 and serves as the co-head of Windham's Liquid Alternative strategies. 


Andy has more than 30 years of experience as a portfolio manager of alternative investment strategies. Prior to joining Windham, Andy was the Chief Investment Officer of Janus Capital’s Liquid Alternative Group. Prior to joining Janus Capital, he was Managing Director and Chief Portfolio Manager for the Merrill Lynch Hedge Fund Development and Management Group and Chief Investment Officer for Nikko Securities International.


He is a recipient of the Bernstein Fabozzi/Jacobs Levy Award for an outstanding article published in the Journal of Portfolio Management. In 2016 he was awarded the 2015 Roger F. Murray Prize (First Prize), an award for individuals who present outstanding research at the Q Group seminars by the Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance. He served for three years as President of the Society of Columbia Graduates.

Andy holds a BA from Columbia College, Masters of International Affairs/International Business from Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, and is a PhD ABD in Money Financial Markets from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business.


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