Windham’s Multi-Horizon Portfolios rely on pioneering technology to manage risks that arise suddenly as well as those that emerge slowly over many years.

Built to protect your assets from
pandemics and climate change.

ESG Risk-Scaling

Windham's ESG Risk-Scaling Portfolios are designed to deliver risk-managed solutions for sustainable investing.

Windham's Liquid Private Equity portfolio uses the State Street Private Equity Index to construct a portfolio
of liquid assets based on the sector exposures of private equity funds.

Liquid Private
Equity Portfolio

Built to capture a significant component
of the private equity risk premium
while preserving liquidity.

Invest responsibly with
dynamic risk control.

Strategic Portfolios

Windham's Strategic Portfolios offer a stable risk profile by investing efficiently in a wide range of global assets.

Built to achieve efficient diversification
for your core portfolio.

Tactical Portfolios

Windham's Tactical Portfolios adjust exposure to growth and defensive
assets based on proprietary signals of
risk concentration and threatening
market conditions.

Participate in global return opportunities
with dynamic risk control.

Risk Premia

Windham's Risk Premia strategies seeks to capture the systematic sources of return associated with global risk factors while preserving market neutrality.

Built to capture systematic sources
of return from global risk factors.

Customized Strategies

Windham offers specialized portfolio solutions to address client-specific factors such as embedded risk exposures, individual investment
goals, and distinct risk preferences.

Invest in portfolio solutions that
meet your unique needs.

Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal. 

Important information about Windham's investment advisory fees and other information is described in Windham's Form ADV.