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Liquid Private Equity

Windham’s Liquid Private Equity Portfolio seeks to match the sector exposures of private equity funds by allocating to public equity sector ETFs. These allocations are determined by measuring the co-movement of the State Street Private Equity Index with public equity sectors.

Windham Liquid Private Equity

Built to capture a component of the private equity
risk premium while preserving liquidity.

Windham’s Liquid Private Equity Portfolio can be deployed in several ways:

  • Serve as a private equity substitute for investors who require liquidity.

  • Deliver competitive returns.

  • Hold capital that has been committed to private equity funds but has not yet been called.

  • Gain exposure to an important source of private equity returns while waiting for the opportunity to invest directly in private equity funds.

Investment Process

Contact us to learn more about our Liquid Private Equity Portfolio.

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Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal. 

Important information about Windham's investment advisory fees and other information is described in Windham's Form ADV.

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