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Windham’s Strategic Portfolios are designed to deliver efficient diversification across a wide range of global assets. These portfolios are intended to serve as the core component of an investor’s overall investment program. They are designed to provide a stable risk profile through efficient diversification and by tilting toward defensive assets during periods of market fragility.

Windham Strategic Portfolios

Built to achieve efficient diversification in your core portfolio.

Windham’s Strategic Portfolios offer a stable risk profile by investing efficiently in a wide range of global assets.

Investment Process

Risk Signals

Windham measures risk concentration using a statistic called the Absorption Ratio, which gives the fraction of variability across equity sector returns explained by a group of key factors. A high Absorption Ratio implies that markets are tightly coupled. When markets are in this state, shocks travel quickly and broadly. A low Absorption Ratio indicates that risk is spread broadly across many separate sources, in which case markets are relatively resilient to shocks.

Risk Concentration

Windham measures risk similarity to threatening market conditions by estimating the statistical distance of current conditions to past periods in which equities suffered significant losses. Windham’s measure of statistical distance considers the magnitude of returns as well as their co-occurrence.

Risk Similarity

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Windham offers five models to satisfy each investor's unique needs and objectives. Tax-managed options are also available.

Conservative   |   Conservative Plus   |   Moderate   |   Moderate Plus   |   Aggressive

Contact us to learn more about our Strategic Portfolios.

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Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal. 

Important information about Windham's investment advisory fees and other information is described in Windham's Form ADV.

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