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Windham Capital Management

Innovators in Risk-based Investment Solutions

Windham Capital Management is an asset management firm that provides risk-based investment offerings to institutional investors, financial advisors, and private clients. Windham seeks to manage portfolio risk while growing and protecting client capital.


Founded in 1988, Windham is widely known for its pioneering research and its impact on the way institutional investors manage assets. Windham provides investment management for institutional investors, intermediaries, and private clients.


Armed with innovative research and proprietary risk management, Windham creates and manages portfolios designed to increase the probability of investment success in both resilient and fragile markets. Key inputs to this process are Windham’s proprietary risk measures, which measure risk concentration and statistical similarity to past episodes of market weakness.

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Our Strategies

The unpredictability of the financial markets leaves many investors uncertain about how to allocate their assets.

At Windham, we offer a vast array of investment strategies with a shared focus on risk management. 

Multi-Asset Income
Risk Premia

The Windham ESG Risk Scaling Strategy is designed to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in a globally diversified portfolio of ESG ETFs and, at the same time, protect the portfolio from significant market drawdowns.

The Windham Liquid Private Equity Strategy is designed to offer investors the opportunity to capture private equity-like returns without private equity terms.

The Windham Diversified Strategies are turnkey, multi-asset, core portfolio solutions designed to protect and grow investor capital through changing market conditions. The portfolios range from Conservative to Aggressive to meet the diverse investment objectives of investors.

The Windham Risk Regime Strategies use proprietary risk measures to assess risk concentration and statistical similarity to past episodes of market weakness. We tactically adjust your portfolio as market conditions shift between resiliency and fragility, striving to preserve your capital in down markets and grow your assets in up markets. Our tactical strategy functions as a satellite or complement to your core solution.

The Windham Multi-Asset Income Strategy seeks to generate an attractive and consistent income stream. We search all over the globe for the top income-generating asset classes. Our expertise in risk management allows us to navigate these markets confidently in a complex global economy.

We believe investors are compensated for the assumption of risk, not simply holding asset classes. Risk Premia investing is a strategy that allocates to various factors within and across asset classes that have been shown to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns over time.

This information is neither an offer to buy or sell any securities nor a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell interests or shares in any fund or strategy. No assurance may be given that the strategies’ investment objectives will be achieved. Investments are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal amount invested.


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